Event-Planning: A Service or a Skill?


When we think of an event, we may think of something dazzling, like the Super Bowl, or another major event that is broadcasted and talked about on television. Even though professional event-planners are needed for those major occasions, they are also needed for thousands of smaller, everyday events. Any time people gather together for a purpose, whether it’s a book signing, a conference, or a grand opening of a new store, a designated person is needed to oversee all of the details and keep the order under control, making sure that both the hosts and the guests are satisfied. That person should be you! Everybody can benefit from acquiring the skill of event-management, as it will positively reflect on both budget spending and time planning.


Photo By: @anita_fancy

You don’t really need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a professional event-planner, when there are many available free sources that can help you organize a fabulous event yourself. Websites like Pinterest and Instagram provide a healthy supply of graphic examples of what could work or not work to your preference. Visualizing the final goal of the occasion is crucial for its success. When it comes to the execution of your idea, a paperbound notebook or a digital notepad will come in handy to keep thoughts organized, budget controlled and deadlines in check. Setting on a budget before the spending begins is a smart strategy to keep expensive decision-making from taking over. One of the biggest decisions you will have to make for a given event is the location: Is it going to be a restaurant, a banquet hall, or simply home? The majority of your spending will be determined by your choice of location, and often, the most cost-effective solution is to plan the event at home. However, an informal home setting is not always appropriate for the occasion or the set of guests attending. For instance, a corporate event involving your colleagues is better planned at or near the work location, while a sibling’s birthday party fits perfectly into an intimate setting at home. Such factors have to be accounted for in your decision-making process, as they largely determine the majority of other details to be planned.


On the other hand, a different question comes to mind: “Do I want to spend the time to create the entire event myself?” Seemingly, not everyone can afford the time and effort to create a meticulously planned event from scratch. And yet, event planning should not be a service to be paid for, but rather a skill to be readily utilized within personal and professional agendas. Subsequently, the successful acquisition of this skill can be transferred into business-related fields, sharpening one’s general management and organization abilities.