Planning a Bridal Shower

Have you ever felt like you are the sole person to carry all the responsibilities in the world? I, for instance, aside from my daily duties and obligations, once had to take the time to plan a whole bridal shower party all by myself. Just before my second cousin’s wedding, I knew I had to give her the one last opportunity to have a fun time feeling like a single and entirely independent woman.

The party was scheduled two months before the wedding, but I had to start planning much earlier than that. The most important part of planning any event is knowing who to go to for the best flowers, décor, cake, etc. I have personally learned that it is best when working with a florist who has worked with the venue before. The best thing to do when ordering specific centerpieces would be to get a written contract with a description of the flowers from the florist to make sure that they will look exactly how you want them to when they arrive. For my cousin, I had the florist create a beautiful arrangement with one of her favorite flowers, peonies, within the centerpieces.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.04.05 PM.png
Photo by: @TicTockFlorals


It has become a major trend for people to feature extravagant cake tables at their events with many different types of sweets and décor on them. Since making those sweets myself would be way too time consuming, I decided to order from a professional confectioner. I actually have an advantage when it comes to this because of where I work. Every weekend I coordinate children’s birthday parties where I deal with many different types of bakers and caterers from whom the party hosts order most frequently. With that being said, I have tried almost every type of cake and other sweets made in the Glendale, Burbank, and Hollywood areas. I chose to order macaroons, chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, specialized cookies, as well as a tri-tier cake from a very talented lady named Arpi.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 10.58.13 PM.png
Photo by: @TicTockFlorals

Being Armenian means that most of the guests are also going to be Armenian, because we are mostly a monocultural people. Most Armenians choose to do events at local family-owned restaurants which are – you guessed it – operated by Armenians. It is very convenient, because the service and food provided often meet the cultural expectation and standards. There are many restaurants to choose from nowadays but I decided to go with Impressions Banquet Hall, since it would be the closest to most of the guests. Aside from being in a good location, this banquet hall also has a very extravagant chandelier display on their ceiling which matched with every other décor for the party.

I feel as though the most rewarding part of planning an event is stepping back and realizing how much everyone else is enjoying the party that you created. This feeling is what makes me wants to become a professional event planner.


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